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What is the date of French Community Holiday in 2024?

French Community Holiday Day is on Friday, September 27, 2024 in Belgium.

Brief Information

  • This year:Friday, September 27, 2024
  • Next year:Saturday, September 27, 2025
  • Last year:Wednesday, September 27, 2023
  • Type:Regional Holiday

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About French Community Holiday in Belgium

French Community Holiday 2024 in Belgium

French Community Holiday Day, which is observed on September 27, signifies the commencement of the year in the Gregorian calendar and it's a Regional Holiday in many countries.

Is French Community Holiday a Regional Holiday in Belgium?

Yes, French Community Holiday is a Regional Holiday in Belgium. A regional holiday is a day off designated by a specific region or local jurisdiction within a country. Unlike national holidays, which are observed nationwide, regional holidays are specific to a particular area or state. These holidays may be based on local traditions, historical events, or cultural significance relevant to that specific region. As a result, the observance of regional holidays can vary from one area to another within a country.

New Year Observances days

YearDayDateHoliday NameComments
2018ThursdaySeptember 27French Community Holiday
2019FridaySeptember 27French Community Holiday
2020SundaySeptember 27French Community Holiday
2021MondaySeptember 27French Community Holiday
2022TuesdaySeptember 27French Community Holiday
2023WednesdaySeptember 27French Community Holiday
2024FridaySeptember 27French Community Holiday
2025SaturdaySeptember 27French Community Holiday

National Language of Belgium

  • Name:Dutch
  • Native:Nederlands
  • Code:nl
  • Name:French
  • Native:Français
  • Code:fr
  • Name:German
  • Native:Deutsch
  • Code:de

Country Information of Belgium

  • Name:Belgium
  • Capital:Brussels
  • Country Code:BE
  • Emoji:🇧🇪
  • Phone code:32
  • Unicode:U+1F1E7 U+1F1EA
  • Currency:EUR
  • Currency Symbol: