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Christmas Day in Bermuda

Christmas Day in Bermuda: A unique blend of traditions and island magic, celebrating the holiday season with Gombeys, Christmas boats, and more.

Oct 1, 23By Anwar Pervez
Christmas Day in Bermuda


Christmas Day, celebrated on December 25th, is a time of joy, festivity, and reflection in Bermuda. While the island nation shares many of the traditional elements of the Christmas holiday with the rest of the world, such as festive decorations and exchanging of gifts, it also boasts its own unique customs and traditions that reflect the Bermudian culture and the island's stunning natural beauty. In this comprehensive exploration of Christmas Day in Bermuda, we will delve into the history and origins of the holiday, its cultural and historical significance, the customs and traditions associated with it, and the ways in which it combines the magic of Christmas with the beauty of the island.

Historical Background

The celebration of Christmas in Bermuda, like in many parts of the world, has its roots in Christian traditions and the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. While the holiday's religious significance remains important to many Bermudians, Christmas in Bermuda has evolved to include a blend of customs and festivities that reflect the island's unique history and culture.

Bermuda's history as a British colony has had a significant influence on the way Christmas is celebrated on the island. British traditions, such as the decoration of Christmas trees and the exchange of gifts, have been embraced by Bermudians. However, the island's subtropical climate and geographical isolation have also given rise to distinctive holiday traditions that set Bermuda's Christmas celebrations apart.

Christmas Customs and Traditions

  1. Gombeys: One of the most unique and beloved Christmas traditions in Bermuda is the performance of the Gombeys. The Gombeys are colorful and spirited dance troupes that wear vibrant costumes, including masks and headdresses. They dance to the beat of drums and carry on a tradition that dates back to the island's African and Caribbean heritage. Gombey performances are a highlight of Bermuda's Christmas celebrations, with troupes performing in the streets and at various events throughout the holiday season.
  2. Christmas Boats: In Bermuda, Christmas is not only celebrated on land but also at sea. Many Bermudians decorate their boats with festive lights and decorations and participate in the annual Christmas Boat Parade. This picturesque event sees a flotilla of boats illuminated with holiday cheer as they cruise through Hamilton Harbour. It's a stunning display of Christmas spirit against the backdrop of Bermuda's azure waters.
  3. Christmas Trees and Decorations: Like in many parts of the world, Christmas trees and decorations are an integral part of Bermuda's holiday celebrations. Families decorate their homes with Christmas lights, ornaments, and wreaths. While artificial trees are commonly used due to the island's limited supply of evergreen trees, some families opt for small potted Christmas trees that can be planted in their gardens after the holiday season.
  4. Christmas Eve Parties: Christmas Eve is a time for family gatherings and parties in Bermuda. Many Bermudians host or attend festive gatherings with family and friends, where traditional holiday dishes and desserts are enjoyed. Midnight Mass is also a significant part of the Christmas Eve tradition for those who attend church services.
  5. Beach Day: Given Bermuda's mild climate, it's not uncommon for locals and visitors alike to spend part of their Christmas Day at the beach. While some may go for a swim or relax on the pink sand beaches, others take part in friendly beach games and picnics. It's a unique way to blend the holiday spirit with Bermuda's natural beauty.
  6. Christmas Dinner: Christmas dinner in Bermuda typically includes a variety of dishes that reflect the island's culinary traditions. Seafood, particularly codfish, is a popular choice, often served with a flavorful tomato-based sauce. Christmas pudding, a rich and boozy dessert, is a must-have for many Bermudian families.

Cultural and Historical Significance

Christmas Day in Bermuda holds cultural and historical significance as a time when Bermudians come together to celebrate the holiday while honoring their unique traditions and heritage.

The Gombeys, with their vibrant costumes and energetic dances, are an important cultural symbol in Bermuda. Their performances during the holiday season serve as a reminder of the island's African and Caribbean roots and the resilience of Bermudian culture.

The Christmas Boat Parade, set against the backdrop of the island's pristine waters, is a testament to the island's natural beauty and its significance in the lives of Bermudians. It reflects the connection between the island's culture and its maritime heritage.

Christmas trees and decorations, though adapted to Bermuda's climate, are a way for Bermudians to connect with the global tradition of celebrating the holiday season. They bring a touch of familiarity to the island's Christmas celebrations.

Community Unity

Christmas Day in Bermuda fosters a strong sense of community unity. The holiday season is a time when families, friends, and neighbors come together to celebrate and share in the spirit of Christmas. The exchange of gifts, the gathering for Christmas dinner, and the participation in traditional activities like Gombey dancing and the Christmas Boat Parade all strengthen the bonds within the community.

The Christmas Boat Parade, in particular, is an event that brings the community together. Boat owners and spectators alike take part in this festive tradition, creating a sense of togetherness and shared celebration.

Challenges and Modernization

While Christmas traditions in Bermuda are cherished and preserved, they also face challenges in the modern era. The impact of globalization and commercialization has introduced new elements to the holiday season, including the influence of American-style Christmas celebrations.

Efforts to Preserve Tradition

Efforts to preserve the authenticity of Christmas traditions in Bermuda are ongoing. Schools and cultural organizations play a crucial role in educating students and the public about the island's unique holiday customs. They organize exhibitions, displays, and educational programs that highlight the history and significance of Bermuda's Christmas traditions.

Local artisans and craftspeople contribute to the preservation of Bermuda's cultural heritage by creating traditional Gombey costumes and masks, as well as crafting ornaments and decorations that reflect the island's identity.


Christmas Day in Bermuda is a unique blend of traditional customs and island magic. It is a time when Bermudians come together to celebrate the holiday season, exchange gifts, and enjoy the beauty of their island home. While embracing global Christmas traditions, Bermuda maintains its own distinctive customs, including the vibrant Gombey dances and the enchanting Christmas Boat Parade.

The holiday underscores the importance of preserving the island's cultural heritage and celebrating the unique blend of traditions that make Bermuda's Christmas celebrations special. It is a time of unity, reflection, and celebration, reminding Bermudians of the beauty of their island and the joy of coming together to celebrate the magic of Christmas.